About Us

Kevin Casey Snr. started in the 1980's with lawnmower and motorbike repairs, after discovering a niche in the market in the Midlands.

After qualiiying with Bord na Mona, in the last recession, from 1978 to 1982, and working with O'Donoghues in Screggan with lawnmowers, Kevin Casey developed his own business from March 1986.

Kevin Casey's motorcycle and lawnmower experience has spanned over 3 decades, specialising in the motorcycle, lawnmower, chainsaw market, involved in all the small engine appliances and machines, including garden, forestry and small construction machinery.

Well known locally, Kevin Casey trades in Cloncollig, as a Sole Trader, and runs an efficient motorcycles sales and service business. His business is in the hub of Tullamore's machine repairs.

Kevin Junior, joined his father in the motorcycles sales and repair business, where he learned the trade from the ground up. Now an experienced mechanic, for machines ranging from a chainsaw to a ride on lawnmower, Kevin has the ability to fix anything.


Contact Kevin Senior or Junior to enquire further into their knowledge of your machine